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Do You Have a Current Bill?

If you have a bill from your current carrier, choose ‘Yes’ below, and we can base our recommendations on what you’re actually using. If you don’t have a bill, no problem. Just choose ‘No’, and give us your best calculation of your usage needs. We’ll take it from there.

According to Your Current Bill, How Much Talk, Text & Data Do You Use?

Note: Enter your actual usage from your bill, not the amount that’s included on your plan.

How Many Lines/Devices Do You Have on Your Current Account?

Do you share your current plan with family members, or friends? Do you have additional services, like wireless hotspots? Include them as an additional line.

If you need more than 4 lines on your account, please contact Customer Support at (888) 345-5509 so we can help find the best rate for you.
If you need more than 4 lines on your account, please contact Customer Support at (888) 345-5509 so we can help find the best rate for you.

Let’s Find Out What You Really Need

About how many minutes would you say are spent talking on the phone each month?

Let’S Find Out What You Really Need

Are you using your plan to send text messages?

Let’s Find Out What You Really Need

About how much data do you think you use on your plan each month?
Not sure? Let us help you decide.

How Much Data Do I Need?

If you currently have a smartphone, you can determine how much data you currently use by following these easy steps below:

Using Android

Select Settings on your smartphone, then select Data Usage. This will show how much data you have used during the current period.


Select Settings on your iPhone, then select Cellular. At the bottom of this list, you will see how much data you have used for the time period selected.

Anytime you send email, download a photo, stream video, view a web page, or post on social media, your smartphone is sending or receiving data. If you’re doing so while connected to Consumer Cellular’s network, this is using data from your monthly Connect plan. However, if on Wi-Fi, then no data is used from your plan.
The units used to measure data are a megabyte (MB) and the larger gigabyte (GB). One gigabyte equals approximately 1,000 megabytes. Each Consumer Cellular Connect Plan includes a monthly data limit ranging from 1GB up to Unlimited.

Streaming Music

Depending on which app you use, streaming roughly 24 hours of music on Normal quality will use 1GB of data. HD or Extreme qualities will use more data.

Watching Videos

If you enjoy watching YouTube videos while not connected to Wi-Fi, it is easy to use 1.5GB in just one hour.

Netflix is quite similar. In Standard quality, you can stream about 1 hour per GB.

Social Networks

With Autoplay turned off, you can tune in for about 8 hours per GB. Watching videos or uploading photos and videos uses more data.

Still not sure how much data you use? That’s OK. Remember, with Consumer Cellular you can change your plan anytime, so you can get more data, or even less, anytime you need—and there are no fees for changing plans. If you ever go over the data on your plan, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next plan that covers your usage, with no overage fees. So, choose the plan you want—it can always be adjusted later.

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