LG 930

High-Definition All the Way

You'll love the LG 930's high-resolution, big-screen display and smooth, crisp fonts. Plus, the device's powerful 8 megapixel camera takes stunning high-definition photos. In addition to the large 4.5 inch screen, you enjoy a top-notch smartphone that has blazing-fast speed. Simply put, this Android smartphone is impressive - both in form and functionality, and is packed with all the advanced wireless communication features you expect or need.The LG 930 combines high-definition and high-resolution in a thin, lightweight and attractive design. This is a top-of-the line Android smartphone with an incredibly sharp 4.5 inch display - which is the largest screen we offer. In addition, this smartphone's 8-megapixel camera enables you to take high-definition photos as well as capture HD-quality videos. That's not all, this device is backed up by a blazing-fast processor and plenty of storage space as well. The LG 930 offers Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS capability. You can easily customize the phone with smartphone Apps from the Google Play store, which offers more than 700,000 apps. It has a range of other features such as customizable home screens, an MP3 music player and even voice recognition features. In other words, the works!

Additional details for LG 930
  • Large display (4.5 inches)
  • Stunning High-definition resolution (720x1280 pixels)
  • Fast, Dual-Core processor (1500 MHz)
  • High-resolution camera (8 megapixels)
  • Front-facing camera (1.3 megapixels)
  • High-definition video (1080p)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 for hands-free use
  • Operating System: Android 4.0.4
  • WiFi & GPS
  • 4 GB internal memory (expandable up to 32 GB)
  • Twitter and Facebook supported out of the box
  • W: 2.67" H: 5.27" D: 0.41"
  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Battery life: 7.0 hours talk time / 10.5 days days standby time
  • Hearing - Aid compatibility: M3/T3

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