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Wireless Home Phone BaseTurn your home telephone into a new line on your cell phone plan and save big!

How would you like to shed your monthly landline bill and still keep your home phone? Now you can with Consumer Cellular's Wireless Home Phone product.

Using Wireless Home Phone is just like adding another cell phone line to your Consumer Cellular account. Once you purchase the device, it's just an additional $10 per month for the new line of service. This means it will share minutes from your cell phone plan - and the best part is you'll enjoy our award-winning, customer-friendly service while still keeping the same home phone number you've always had.

Wireless Home Phone is simple, fast and portable. It's so easy, here's how it works: Plug your existing corded or cordless telephone into our new Wireless Home Phone device and then plug the device into any standard electrical outlet. A telephone wall jack is not even needed. The device enables you to use your home telephone in conjunction with our wireless network.

You can use your wireless home phone anywhere you have a strong cellular signal and an electrical outlet. It truly makes your home phone mobile: set it up in the kitchen, bedroom or take it with you on vacation! You can even answer your home phone in an RV or hotel room. How about that for convenience?

Wireless Home Phone Base: $35.00

How it works:

  • Plug your existing corded or cordless telephone into the Wireless Home Phone base unit and you're ready to go.
  • Place the unit where you have a strong cellular signal from a cell phone tower, typically near a window or outside wall and plug the unit into an electrical outlet.
No telephone
wall jack required.
Turn your home phone into a cell phone today and save money!
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More about the Wireless Home Phone Base:

Home Phone Sticky

Keep your home phone number, without the landline service payment. We'll transfer your home phone number to Consumer Cellular.

Phone radio tower

Simple activation for reliable wireless home phone service.

Landline phone model

Convenience of using a traditional landline phone model – either corded or cordless.

The Wireless Home Phone Base does not support rotary or pulse-dialing phones, home security systems, fax machines, dial-up or DSL internet service, DVR services, media alert services (e.g., Life Alert), credit card machines or data services (e.g., texting, multimedia message services (MMS), and data tethering).

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