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Consumers Now Have Reasonably Priced Options for Cellular Service, Including Quality Handsets and No-Risk, No-Contract Plans

(NAPS)—September 01, 2008

As consumer spending slows due to the nation’s economic downturn, people are in creasingly looking for ways to cut costs. Yet thanks to reasonably priced, no-contract plans and quality phones, cellular service doesn’t have to be something consumers give up.

“The economy may be on the outs,” wrote RCR Wireless News reporter Allie Winter, “but again, cellphones have become vital for human survival.”

For many consumers, contracts are a problematic part of choosing a wireless carrier. That’s because many carriers insist on locking customers in for extended periods— often two years or more. And if the consumer changes his or her mind or is dissatisfied with the service and opts out of the contract, early termination fees kick in.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. For example, with one carrier, customers are able to enjoy the benefits of postpaid service— including convenient monthly billing, free or deeply discounted handsets and no worries about recharging minutes—yet never have to sign a long-term contract.

Consumer Cellular is a leading, national mobile service provider. Its simple and affordable nationwide calling plans are reasonably priced for both casual users, such as travelers, families and seniors, as well as more frequent cell phone users.

The company offers a variety of plans, from as little as $10 per month, all the way up to plans offering thousands of minutes a month. Plus, there’s no risk. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can cancel your service anytime within the first 30 days or 30 minutes of use and pay nothing.

One of the most popular phones offered by Consumer Cellular is the Motorola W220. It is a great example of quality in an affordable device. “Its ease of use and affordability make it a favorite among casual users,” said Dan Papalia, vice president of National Retail, MVNO & Distributors, Motorola, Inc. “The handset’s contoured keypad and large color screen, as well as eight hours of talk time, provide a perfect combination of form and function.”

“Consumer Cellular was founded on the belief that everyone should have affordable access to the safety and convenience of cellular service,” said John Marick, cofounder and CEO of Consumer Cellular. “The company provides its customers with simple, affordable cell phones and calling plans, guaranteed satisfaction and top-ranked customer support staff—all located within the United States.”

Consumer Cellular is also the exclusive wireless provider for AARP members. The company offers AARP members discounts on accessories and plans, as well as no long-term contracts, no early-termination fees, unlocked phones and flexible billing cycles. For additional information, visit or call (888) 437-9221.

Did You Know? Consumer Cellular’s simple and affordable nationwide calling plans are reasonably priced for both casual users, such as travelers, families and seniors, as well as more frequent cell phone users.

For additional information, visit or call (888) 437-9221. An affordable phone for affordable plans: The external icon alerts on the Motorola W220 handset show call, message and battery status.

Consumers now have reasonably priced options for cellular service, including quality handsets and no-risk, no-contract plans. Low-Cost Cellular Service Without Contracts.

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