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Phone Recycling Help us help the planet — and kids!

Consumer Cellular recycles your old cell phones and donates the proceeds to charity.

All of us at Consumer Cellular are committed to helping the planet and helping our community. It pains us to know that every year hundreds of millions of cell phones are discarded instead of recycled. We are committed to keeping these phones out of the landfill. Better still, we're fighting back by giving back.

Send us your old phones.

With every cell phone we sell, we include a postage-paid envelope so you can recycle your old cell phone. Even if your phone still works, send it in and we'll recycle it for you. If you have old cell phones at home, you can recycle those as well.

And help children.

You'll be helping kids, too, since all proceeds from our recycling program go directly to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation. See the Doernbecher Children's Hospital website to learn more about their programs.

How to send.

It's easy. Simply print out this postage-free mailing label and mail us your used cell phone(s). Remember, this recycling program is for cell phones only (including cell phone batteries and accessories). And if you order a phone from us, we include a pre-addressed, postage paid envelope with every shipment. Another way we make recycling easy.

To recycle your old phone, you can use the postage-paid envelope we sent with your new phone. Or you can print out this label.

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