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Phone Recycling

All of us at Consumer Cellular are committed to helping the planet and helping our community. It pains us to know that every year hundreds of millions of cellphones are discarded instead of recycled. We are committed to keeping these phones out of the landfill. Better still, we're fighting back by giving back.


  • Give your old devices to friends or family to use on our service. They’ll enjoy our affordable rates and award-winning service, all without contracts. And you can both benefit by claiming our $10 Refer-A-Friend bonus!
  • Look for a local recycling program at retail stores. Some retailers even have an exchange program where you can bring in old devices for cash or store credit.
  • Find a charitable program to donate old phones to. You could be helping someone less fortunate to communicate with others.

No matter which option you choose, we at Consumer Cellular—and our planet—will thank you!

Our customers speak:

“Everyone is so lovely over the phone, they are always so nice and helpful.” — Marianne M.
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